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HB Textiles was established when Peter Jones joined GBU Northern in Mytholmroyd in 1981.

From very small beginnings, the company grew quickly and, alongside GBU, soon became one of the leading re-cycling companies in the UK with agents and markets all over the world.

In 1996, HBT together with GBU was bought out by the HS Wood textile group and now maintains it’s processing activities, as well as some of it’s second hand clothing sorting,from the group’s factory at Park View Mills in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

HBT offers one of the most reliable charity shop clothing clearance services in the country and is always on the lookout to expand their activities in this sphere.

The company also operates HBT Latvia, a clothing sorting company near Riga in Latvia where specialist products are all grades of cream and standard grades of clothing for Russia and Eastern Europe as well as small bale clothing grades for all African markets.

At present, both HBT in UK and HBT Latvia are looking for new contacts and opportunities to co-operate with buyers of top quality English second hand clothing grades throughout world markets and welcome your enquiries.

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